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Connection Styles and Embracing Vulnerability

Individuals have preferred ways of connecting with their partners, such as physical touch or deep conversations. We stress the importance of understanding and accommodating each other’s styles through open communication, fostering mutual respect and harmony.

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The Role of Adult Attachment Styles in Relationships

Attachment, a term often used by researchers to describe the emotional bonds we form with significant others, is the foundation for how relationships function. In this blog post, we explain the intricate dynamics of adult attachment styles, and how they shape the way we feel and act in our relationships.

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Habit #5: Respect Each Other 

You can’t fake respect. You have to feel it. But if you feel it, it doesn’t mean you always show it as much as possible. Be aware of behaviours that may start to cross the line and show a lack of respect that can, without a doubt, snowball into a more significant negative impact on your relationship.

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Habit #4: How To Prioritize Your Relationship

Prioritizing your relationship means that you often put your relationship in front of everything else. Not all the time, but most of the time. It comes from a belief that a healthy relationship is the cornerstone of every healthy family. It’s essential to stay connected as a couple through life’s ups and downs, so you have to make time for your relationship regularly.

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Habit #2: How To Repair Your Connection After Arguing With Your Partner

The fact that you argue is not what’s problematic in a relationship. The “non-repair” is what causes the most damage long-term. While you may not be able to resolve all of your problems with your repair, if you follow the tips we give you here, you’ll get much better at truly understanding where your partner is coming from at a deeper level.

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Habit #1: How To Tune in and Talk Openly With Your Partner

Tuning in and talking openly means that if something is really bothering you, respectfully say something about it! Even if it might hurt your partner, even if they may not react well initially. The more you tune into your own feelings, express them, and focus less on your partner’s behaviour, the greater your chance of success and re-connection.

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The Benefits of Sharing Your Vulnerable Side

Michael discusses the transformative power of sharing vulnerable emotions with his partner describing his journey from emotional self-reliance to greater intimacy. Learn about the value of interdependence, and building the habit of emotional sharing.

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My Journey to Understanding Relationships

Tina discusses the 3 lessons she has learned about building and sustaining a successful romantic relationship. She takes a look at the beliefs passed on from her parents’ marriage and the knowledge and wisdom gained from an unsuccessful previous relationship.

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