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The 10 Habits of Happy Couples

Learn how to establish the Habits that can transform your connection with your partner so you can finally have the loving relationship you’ve always dreamed about. In this smartly written book, Tina and Michael LeBlanc guide you through the process of setting up a firm foundation of key relationship principles, and teach you the 10 essential Habits you can build into your relationship to bring more joy and happiness. This book is a concrete guide with specific tips and exercises to complete with your partner.

Creating Intimacy - Free e-book

Creating Intimacy is the perfect intro for couples who want to build intimacy in their relationship, but don’t know where to start. In this free e-book, you’ll learn about the four types of intimacy that we all need to nurture in our romantic relationship, and learn tips and strategies to develop all four types. The book will also walk you through how you can build intimacy beyond conflict (and 4 exercises to practice building intimacy), in addition to the 9 obstacles to building intimacy so you don’t get caught in that trap.

Worry Less, Feel Better - E-Book

For those who struggle with anxiety, facing the feeling instead of giving in to it can be the biggest challenge.

In this 90-page e-book, you will learn how to identify anxiety as it enters your body and mind; how to transition from an anxious state to a calm one; how to soothe your nervous system so that your brain can function clearly; mental and physical strategies for managing and reducing anxiety; and the importance of quality sleep in anxiety management.