We are Tina and Michael LeBlanc, Better Yourself 365 (BY365).
We are living proof that it’s possible to have hectic careers and a full family life,
while maintaining a close emotional bond.

What we do here

When busy, overstretched couples start feeling disconnected and alone in their relationship, they don’t have the time and energy to spend years in traditional couples therapy.  

We get it. We’ve been there. 

Keeping our busy lives going AND remaining connected to our partner can be a real struggle. That’s where BY365 comes in.  

  • We tailor our services to busy couples who need help fast and in a way that fits their schedule.  
  • We offer several programs for couples that vary in length, price, and intensity. All of our services are based on what research shows are the emotional skills and mindset couples need to develop.  
  • The goal is always to bring couples to work efficiently as a team to navigate their busy lives while maintaining a strong, loving connection.

We help you achieve your best relationship through couples counselling, digital courses, our 10 Habits of Happy Couples book, and Live couples’ events. We are living proof that it’s possible and we teach you the essential habits to get there.

Our BY365 Mission

At BY365, we aim to empower couples to show up fully in their relationship with their life partner. Bettering yourself and bettering your relationship go hand in hand, and we have the unique expertise to offer couples support on their journey to happiness and connection. We aim to help couples navigate their life better as a team and teach people the mindset and strategies to nurture their relationships daily. It’s not about perfection – it’s about building relationship habits through consistent action regardless of how busy life gets.

We promise that after working with us, you will leave with the confidence that you are a strong team equipped to face whatever challenges life throws your way.

the Loving Duo

Tina LeBlanc

Tina LeBlanc (full name is Tina Sirois-LeBlanc) is a Licensed Counselling Therapist with specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Having specialized in couple therapy since 2004, she helps couples and families get ‘unstuck’ and reconnect on a whole new level. She is also certified as an EFT Supervisor, and mentors therapists beginning their career journey in Couple and Family Therapy.

Tina prioritizes family time when not working by enjoying her kids and husband. She also sets aside time for critical self-care habits, which she refers to as her essential ‘me’ time. When engaged in ‘me’ time, she lets her heart guide her toward the things she needs at that moment to re-energize, be present and feed her soul. These can take the form of meditation, exercising, being in nature, or through multiple creative outlets including journaling, reading, playing piano, or singing. A daily essential is her walk with the beloved family dog while listening to her favourite health and wellness podcasts.

Michael LeBlanc

Michael LeBlanc is a Licensed Counselling Therapist who has practiced since 2002 and has helped men and women find ways to transform their lives by incorporating daily changes that last. He is a sought-after speaker, having completed 400 presentations to over 10,000 people, and has taught over 25 counselling-related courses to up-and-coming therapists. 

When Michael is not working, he’s usually putting his abundance of energy into a variety of places, including with his awesome wife Tina and his two beautiful sons. He can also be found on the running trail, at the gym, or in a corner somewhere playing guitar and writing songs. He’s been on a personal growth kick since forever and always seems to have his nose in a book or his ear tuned to a podcast. He’s been inspired to make his own changes by people like Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Brene Brown, and Tom Bilyeu. He learned to run at a young age and has gone through many pairs of running shoes!