Our unique approach

Why are we called Better Yourself 365? 

Aren’t we a company that helps couples?

Yes, we are! But we believe that if you want to better your relationship, first start by bettering yourself. You need to truly try to see and understand the impact you have on your partner and get to a place of compassion for your partner’s needs.

This may be challenging if your partner is coming to you in “protection mode”! One partner might be protecting themselves by avoiding their feelings; therefore coming across as shut down, uncaring, and disconnected. And the other partner may be protecting themselves by seeking reassurance, so it comes across as nagging, criticizing, and being controlling. Regardless, it doesn’t work! Self-protection DOES not work in happy relationships!

Here’s what we teach you: Stop focusing on what you wish your partner would change. You have no control over your partner and you’ll just end up growing more and more resentful, frustrated and hurt. This is what increases the disconnect between partners. But when BOTH partners focus on bettering themselves FOR their partners AND themselves, then real change happens in a relationship.

So to better yourself, we also teach you how to become more emotionally present and connected to yourself, with your own feelings and needs, and be able to articulate these to your partner in a softer, more vulnerable place. Showing your true authentic self at a place of vulnerability is the ONLY way your partner will ever be able to have understanding and self-compassion for you. It’s this self-compassion that will help them do the hard work to change their behaviours! That’s why again, it comes back to each person focusing on bettering themselves by becoming more emotionally accessible, to themselves and to their partners.

“When partners feel heard and understood they stop expecting perfection, instead they feel supported by seeing their partners try hard to make the changes they need.”

When both people come together to try to understand how to truly be the best partner to each other, they want to make changes even though they may not be perfect at it. When partners feel heard and understood they stop expecting perfection, instead they feel supported by seeing their partners try hard to make the changes they need.

And we want to be clear: 

No one should ever change themselves for their partner in a way that feels wrong. 

It’s about making changes that will help enhance fulfillment, satisfaction and connection between both partners and make you feel like you are growing as a person in the process.

Bettering yourself and becoming more emotionally present and accessible to your partner is part of the daily habits that we help couples develop in our programs. This is why we wrote the 10 Habits of Happy Couples – to teach the essentials in a relationship needed to make both the changes within yourself AND with your partner. There is a way to have lasting, fulfilling, resilient love, but you have to be working on all the habits, 365 days a year. You don’t need to be perfect at living these habits, you just need to be consistently tuned-in to yourself and your partner.