Consultation/Supervision for
EFT Therapists

train with the Most Qualified EFT Couples
Counsellor in New Brunswick

Tina Sirois-LeBlanc has taken ALL of the extensive training requirements to become fully Certified as an EFT Therapist since 2011. Even after being Certified, Tina has gone even further in her training to become Certified as a Supervisor in this approach so that she can act as a mentor to other newer therapists in couples counselling.

She is the only one in New Brunswick with this level of qualification for couples
counselling utilizing an EFT approach.

Are you serious about improving your couples counselling skills?

  • Are you a mental health professional who wishes to include couple therapy as one of your services but feel at a loss? Are you finding that couple therapy requires a VERY different approach than individual therapy? Or perhaps you are wondering how to navigate and help two people with supercharged emotions with a lot to lose? Or do you feel you’re working REALLY hard and yet keep seeing your couples slip back to unproductive behaviours?
  • Or maybe you’ve been dabbling into couple counselling for a while now, but feel you’re not ‘bringing it home’? You know you could be more effective, but not sure what it is you need to improve?
  • Or maybe you recently completed some EFT training, and are excited about implementing the approach in your practice and need support in refining your skills?

If this is you, I’d love to chat! You don’t have to go at this alone…

Meet Tina Sirois-LeBlanc

Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor

I’m passionate about three things in my life:
  • My husband and my 2 teenage boys,
  • Guiding couples and families to find peace and happiness again, and
  • Helping other therapists do the same by developing their skills and confidence using the most effective approach to couple therapy: Emotionally Focused Therapy!

"I have known Tina for 16 years and have witnessed her amazing skills as a supervisor and couple therapist on many occasions. Her ability to connect with and effectively help her clients and supervisees is exceptional. I’ve also known Tina as a warm, empathic, open, honest, intelligent and generous person. She has had a great positive impact on me as a supervisor, colleague, and friend."

Consultation/Supervision Benefits Include:​

  • Carving out the time to reflect on your practice and really examine your strengths and areas to improve
  • Feeling supported as you embark on the steep learning curve that accompanies couple counselling. This is a specialized therapy where everyone needs mentorship to feel competent in their skills.

  • An increase in confidence and an opportunity to celebrate your successes as your therapy processes sharpen and become more focused. Because let’s admit it – how often do we get off track or end up trying to aimlessly referee two sets of high emotions that diminishes the efficiency of our hour of therapy?

  • Access to a peer who can help you work through some of your own blocks that inevitably surface when doing couple therapy. Yes, we are human, and our own stuff can get triggered!
  • Experienced help in simplifying the complexity of couple counselling by taking it one step at a time, and zoning in on the most important things first so you don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Encouragement, support and validation by sharing common struggles amongst couples therapists.

  • As you improve your couple therapy skills, you’ll also see your own relationship blossom to even greater heights!

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, your clients benefit and recognize how lucky they are to have a therapist focused on continuous personal and professional growth. They feel privileged that you are providing them with the best service possible – and reap the benefits first hand!

My Expertise

  • I am registered with ICEEFT to provide clinical supervision in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

  • I have been providing couple counselling using an EFT approach since 2004 and continually refresh my therapist and supervisor certifications annually. You get the most up-to-date information when consulting with me.

  • I also have over 14 years of post-secondary teaching and supervising experience:

    • A recurring guest speaker and consultant on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, through the counselling program at the University of New Brunswick.

    • Instructor in counselling at l’Université de Moncton and the University of New Brunswick.

    • Instructor in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy at the graduate level.

    • Supervising graduate students in Counselling programs and offering EFT Supervision to psychotherapists learning couple counselling.

Why EFT?

  • EFT is empirically validated, and proven to help over 90% of couples.

  • EFT is a map that you can trust to guide you and keep you attuned to the important things during a couples therapy session.

  • EFT knows how to create and repair a bond… and sustain it over time. Other approaches can’t compare.

  • You see results by using the EFT approach, and the whole family wins.

Get Started with Tina:

  1. One-on-One Consultation/Supervision: $160 CAD per hour

  2. Group Consultation/Supervision: $60 CAD if presenting a case; $30 CAD if attending the group

  3. Lunch & Learns: $30 CAD

*Dates of Group Supervision, Lunch & Learns and Relationship workshops are scheduled well in advance to make it easy to juggle your schedule. Check out the New Brunswick EFT Therapists Community Website for more info. Scheduling these in your calendar is the perfect way to COMMIT to growing in EFT.


The words “supervisor” and “supervision” are used expressly for the purpose of training in the EFT model, and do not imply/constitute any ethical/legal responsibility for cases discussed. For all intents and purposes, a Certified EFT Supervisor is an EFT consultant. All therapists receiving such supervision/consultation are wholly responsible for the therapy they provide and they are also responsible for receiving appropriate supervision, as required, by their respective governing and/or licensing authorities.

Important Supervision Documents

I would feel privileged to be part of your journey in EFT growth with couples therapy!