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Here, we believe that the path to a stronger, more fulfilling relationship begins with nurturing individual growth.

Free Resources

The Happy Couple’s Checklist

Do you want a way to make sure you and your partner continuously work on good relationship habits?

If so, getting the “Happy Couple Checklist” created by Tina & Michael LeBlanc is the best place to start. Use this checklist to start building healthy habits to revitalize your relationship now!

6 secrets to better sleep

Do you continue to suffer from lack of sleep in the form of daytime sleepiness, frustration, or moodiness?

Michael is a sleep trainer who uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia to help his clients get their sleep back on track. In this 15-minute video, he’ll lead you through the 6 areas of sleep training that we use to help people sleep. ​

Ultimate Guide to Journaling

This guide to journaling is the perfect starting point for those pursuing self-improvement, goal setting, reflection, processing, and reinforced learning.

We have written this guide to serve as a compass for self-discovery and growth, laying the groundwork for a richer, purpose-driven life. Whether you are clarifying goals, reflecting on thoughts, or consolidating insights, it embodies the power of writing to drive meaningful change.​