Brand Story

Since we are two therapists, married for 18 years with 2 great kids, and helping couples for a living, people often look at us EXPECTING us to have our stuff together all the time!  And for the most part, we would have to say that we do work REALLY well as a team, NOW… but it wasn’t always that way…

Our business brand, how to better yourself and create healthy relationship habits, was actually shaped through our struggles that we had along the way in our relationship. Those struggles made us stronger individually, AND as a couple, and made us become the brand we are today in our Better Yourself 365 company. We are a couple that is down to earth, and a couple that acknowledges that you don’t need to be perfect; you just need to have consistent focus on your relationship and on working towards being the best version of yourself.

During the three tumultuous years of our marriage, what got us out of our negative communication patterns and misaligned connection was our deep love, persistence to keep trying, as well as our openness to self-growth and betterment.  

And it’s because of this that we can now help couples get unstuck from their own disconnect because we have discovered the CRUCIAL pieces on which to focus, and we know how to do this in spite of the busyness and chaos of life. 

We know first-hand how painful, scary, confusing and hopeless this experience of disconnection with your partner can be!  And we also know how wonderful it feels on the other side of this when you find your partner again, when you have that unyielding feeling that you have each other’s back and nothing in this world will bring you down.  

We are here in this business to help couples go through that transformation WITHOUT extensive couples therapy!

Our journey to this transformation is what we help couples achieve for themselves!  

We developed an approach that focuses on the 10 Habits of Happy Couples based on our first-hand experience, and ALSO on the extensive professional training that we learned from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy!

Interested in reading more about our relationship journey and how we started our company?

BY365 Brand Story At A Glance

Suffering as a couple when we were both counselling therapists was humbling. Through our journey of finding our way back to our love, we vowed to help other couples who might feel stuck and don’t know where to turn to.  

No one should feel helpless about their relationship.

Our Vision at BY365 is to create an alternative to extensive couples therapy so that busy couples can find their way back to each other- faster – sparing years of feeling disconnected and alone.  We want to empower couples to know that there is a way to stay connected in spite of having a busy life. 

The services we provide for couples aim to meet at least one of the following criteria to meet our vision:

  • They are complete and structured enough for a couple to complete on their own, within their schedule;
  • They can be accessed immediately- without waiting
  • The goals are delivered in a short-term period
  • They are accessible to couples across the world

In a Nutshell- Find help now & Stop the Suffering

Measure of Success:

  • Our book “The 10 Habits of Happy Couples” has been on Amazon’s Top Seller List in the dating category.

  • We have helped hundreds of couples save their marriages and find their true connection again through our programs. Families are happier.

Why it works:

  • Our programs makes couples truly understand how they got stuck and they feel empowered in knowing the process to come together as a team to transform their relationship.
  • Couples feel validated and understood, which creates a quick “buy-in” to do the work as a team and take charge of their relationship again.
  • Couples get relief from having tangible, concrete strategies and processes that EVERYONE can learn.