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Hi! We’re Tina and Michael, Licensed Counselling Therapists and a happily married couple.

We help busy, overstretched couples work efficiently as a team and navigate their lives by teaching them the essential habits to create a strong, loving connection.

We do this through couples counselling, online courses, our 10 Habits of Happy Couples book, and Live couples events. These services are all tailored to couples who need help fast and in a way that fits their demanding schedules.

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“Today we have a fantastic conversation about [Tina and Michael’s new book, The 10 Habits of Happy Couples]. Who’s relationship doesn’t need some work? Whether you are in a relationship where all the alarm bells are sounding, or you are just interested in making it better, this conversation is for you. We chat about the 10 Habits, which are: prioritizing your relationships, bettering yourself, sex, communication patterns, and so much more.”

Listen to Tina and Michael’s conversation about the habits of happy couples on Soul Sister Conversations:

Online Courses

Are you looking for a way to jump-start your relationship from home? Take one of our self-paced, online courses! 

Drawing from decades of experience in couples counselling, in addition to their personal experience as a married couple, Tina & Michael have developed multiple online courses for every couple looking to improve their relationship.

The 10 Habits of Happy Couples Crash Course

Crash Course - The 10 Habit of Happy Couples

Every couple will benefit from this 2-hour course based on our book “The 10 Habits of Happy Couples”. We provide a framework to understand your relationship in a new way- focusing on identifying your strengths and challenges as a couple. This course is a great way to supplement your reading of our book, OR to engage your partner in learning new Habits that can bring your relationship to a whole other level of connection and intimacy. We have set up this crash course with the “busy couples” in mind, creating 12 short videos, followed by conversations starters that can be completed at your own pace.

Taking Charge of Your Relationship Online Course

Taking Charge of your Relationship

Do you feel like something is missing in your relationship? Do you want to be closer to your partner and learn how to understand each other and build your lives together as a team? In this 16-hour, self-paced online course, Tina and Michael teach you the essential skills to build intimacy, positive communication patterns, and insight into your partner. Using proven Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) methods and drawing from their own happy marriage, Tina and Michael provide sharp insights into key problems in a relationship and how to overcome them – together.

About Us

We are Tina and Michael LeBlanc, and our mission is to empower people to transform their relationship.

We aim to empower couples to show up fully in their relationship with their life partner. Bettering yourself and bettering your relationship go hand in hand, and we have the unique expertise to offer couples support on their journey to happiness and connection. We aim to help couples navigate their life better as a team. We teach people the mindset and strategies to nurture their relationship every day. It’s not about perfection, it’s about building relationship habits through consistent action regardless of how busy life gets.

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