Through our specialized online courses, you access our combined 40 years of experience as counselling therapists. Our concrete and helpful courses are packaged to ensure you complete them at your own pace. We commit to offering you ongoing support to help maintain clarity, focus, and feel more fulfilled in life and in your relationships – 365 days a year.

We are Tina and Michael LeBlanc, and our mission is to empower people to transform their lives.

We are husband and wife first, parents of two teenage boys, and business partners. We live our mission every day – by focusing on our well-being, our relationship with each other, and our parenting. When clients work with us, we emphasize that you don’t need to be perfect. Instead we highlight how daily focus generates the changes that matter – in yourself and your most important relationships. We walk the talk and want to help YOU do it too.

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We have 2 trainings to help couples!


Transformational Couples Retreat


Do you and your partner want to bring your relationship back to life, or get out of that negative spiral that crept in over the years? If yes, join us in October to transform your relationship.

This virtual intensive Weekend Couples Retreat is an AMAZING opportunity to get the benefits of therapy, without therapy! We are looking for couples who are ready to work hard, are willing to take risks, and really want to understand the steps that will improve your relationship.

Real transformation happens when both partners commit to doing the work.

We provide a safe and confidential environment for you and your partner to learn and work together to make improvements. The support of the other couples (maximum of 6 couples) will add to your growth and allow you to see that you are not alone in needing to work on your relationship.

Let us guide you to a better connection, increased depth and hope for the future.

Are you ready to rebuild your connection with your partner?

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'Taking Charge of your Relationship'
Digital Course


In this comprehensive 16-hour digital course, Tina and Michael provide all of the same lessons and activities as our Weekend Retreat, but in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace with recorded lessons and professionally-designed handouts for each lesson.

We help you join-up with your partner, recommit to your relationship, and guide you through a practice-filled process to take charge of your relationship again and create sustainable change that matters

Let’s face it, relationships are HARD and there’s no quick-fix! It’s about understanding our past and our own parts in how we contributed to the pain in the relationship, healing past hurts, and recommitting to moving forward together. We show you how to commit to the DAILY focus every relationship needs to be healthy. Two people contribute to the hurts and you need both people on board to take charge of your relationship

At the end of this course you will feel aligned with your partner and empowered to face the ups and downs of life together.



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