• In person counselling is available in Fredericton, NB (a wait list may occur)
  • On-line counselling is available to New Brunswick residents only using a secure encrypted version of Zoom for Health Care Professionals (a wait list may occur)

Tina has plenty of experience working with a wide range of issues with clients, but chooses to only work in these specific areas in which she has developed a specialization:

Relationship Issues:

  • Couple counselling with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFCT) – ALL couples are welcome
  • Support working through separation and divorce

Family Issues:

  • Family therapy with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFFT)
  • Parenting support
  • Support for co-parenting and blended families

Work Issues:

  • Work challenges and burnout
  • Career Decision-making and career growth

Individual Issues:

  • Personal development and growth
  • Healing past trauma using an EFT approach
  • Attachment issues
  • Grief


  • Counselling sessions typically last about 1 hour (first sessions may go 75 minutes).
  • In the first session, Tina takes the time to truly get to know you and your situation that you feel is problematic at the moment. Because she knows how stressful it is to seek help from a complete stranger, she does her best to ease your discomfort. She also reviews some basic process information so you leave knowing more about the approach she uses, and the work involved at your end. She will work with you in establishing therapeutic goals, and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask your questions.
  • Tina will review some key information about the counselling process (including confidentiality and consent), that you will be required to sign during your first session.
  • To understand your situation and needs, those attending couple or family therapy are required to complete an extensive questionnaire after the first session.
  • Both partners attend the first two sessions together, followed by each partner attending one individually. Regular sessions will then reconvene. Within 6-10 sessions you will begin to see improvements in your relationship, as long as you do the work. If you don’t see any improvement we will troubleshoot together during the 10th session, to determine the contributing factors that are holding you back.
  • Tina will share an article with you at the end of the first session that explains in further detail her approach to couple counselling (Emotionally Focused Therapy - EFT). If you want a head start on learning more about EFT, you can read the book ‘Hold Me Tight’ by Dr. Sue Johnson.
  • Tina provides a free 15 minute consult when she calls you to book your first appointment. We don’t begin therapy on this call but you can ask your questions about the process or voice any concerns you may have.
  • Family therapy varies greatly and depends on your family’s individual needs. Tina can discuss this with you when she calls to book your first appointment. Typically, Tina requests that the whole family is present for the first session before deciding how to continue. Sometimes she will meet with the parents during the first session before deciding when and how to approach the children. Family therapy greatly depends on family dynamics, and which relationships need more help. Tina may decide she needs to see some family members individually or provide couple therapy before embarking on family therapy. Each family is unique and Tina will tailor her approach based on what is required.
  • $140 (taxes included) for a one-hour session. Payment is required prior to or at the end of each session. A receipt will be issued and can be claimed through your health insurance provider. Cash, cheque or e-transfer are accepted forms of payment.
  • Most health insurance plans cover therapy. To be sure, contact your insurance provider to ensure a LICENSED COUNSELLING THERAPIST is included in your coverage. If you have coverage through VAC or CAF, we will discuss the payment payment process during your first appointment.


  • The #1 factor for success in therapy is to feel connected to your therapist – like they ‘get you and they truly want to help!’ This is why Tina focuses tremendously on creating a solid working alliance with her clients.  She will keep the focus on creating a trusting relationship and make sure to maintain that trust throughout the process. 
  • Therapy works best when clients are actively engaged and do some work in between sessions. At times, Tina will assign ‘homework’ to help you stay focused and build on your progress as you work with her. This is negotiated with you to ensure you are comfortable and the assignment fits into your schedule. Most of the time, assigned tasks are ‘awareness’ exercises that don’t take extra time but rather keep you focused on the themes we covered in session.
  • Pace is also important. It is highly recommended to start the process with weekly sessions for the first few months until progress is more evident in between sessions. After which we can assess whether bi-weekly or monthly sessions are appropriate in maintaining your momentum. This will be discussed at the first session, and re-evaluated as we progress.
  • The right approach is key. Tina uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in both couple and family therapy. EFT is an empirically evidence-based approach used internationally and reports GREAT results in research trials AND in Tina’s practice. Tina has completed extensive training in the EFT approach developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and is one of a few people certified as an EFT Therapist. She is also certified as an EFT Supervisor for other therapists learning this approach. For more information on EFT and access to helpful resources, please visit Dr. Sue Johnson’s website: